A feeling of reality: You can do it all.

Citrine is favored by kundalini yogis for its quatility to manifest intentions.  Related to third chackra.  Place on the belly to ignite fire of digestion and elimination. 

Citrine is favored by kundalini yogis for its quatility to manifest intentions.  Related to third chackra.  Place on the belly to ignite fire of digestion and elimination. 

The ancient Yogis, Shamans and Mystics know that our potential is infinite because we are as infinite as the universe that we live in.  

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali speaks of what is Reality and how it is created with the intention that we hold in our thoughts:  If we hold the intention to receive the infinity of the universe we will be surprised and live in wonder and amazement, and if we focus our intention in the creation or expectation of something or someone we will manifest it, we may not be surprised since we knew all along what our heart desires are but we will be fulfilled knowing it is us who create reality.

When we experience the knowledge in our lives, in our bodies if you are a practitioner of movement [asana] Yoga, that our focus determines our reality, we are endowed with powers and of course with responsibilities, nothing is more important than to own up to our successes as to our failures and the techniques of yoga become indispensable in connecting with what it is that makes us do good and bad, what makes us love and what makes us crave a burger in the middle of the night or a drink at the end of the day. 

When I lived as a volunteer at Kripalu Center I was single and focused only in learning yogic techniques that I would then share with others and not interested at all in falling in love since I knew that would not serve my intention.  I did, somehow, end up having feelings for a very attractive and kind man, one like I had never met before.  That man was in a relationship and even if he hadn't been I had no intention in pursuing anything with him and how would his girlfriend feel or what would he think about me, so I was blocking my feelings like a pro!  Not knowing that a better idea would be to embrace those feelings - not him- just the feelings.   

My very-wise-for-her-age roommate at the Kripalu dorm told me that I should not run away from those feelings or from a friendship with the object of those feelings, instead I should acknowledge him and learn from him and my feelings: how my body felt, am I giggly, is this a person with whom I can be myself, does he make me laugh?, do I make him laugh? and to take all of that information and make it a point to tell the universe "Once I am ready for a relationship, I want to feel like this, this and this".   

I took her advice, I wasn't in love with the Kripalu man, I really liked how I felt around him and sure enough, a couple of years later I started using that information when I was dating: Do I like how I feel around this person? At some point I met someone with whom not only I liked how I felt when we met but when those days came when things are not pretty, I was able to build up courage and be honest about those feelings and doubts with him and to this day I keep building up on a relationship based on how I want to feel and being very patient and brave. 

When we align our actions continuously with our intentions, then we will see what yogis learned empirically:  Atoms are a thing of thought, and they form the reality we perceived in the Universe.  We can too: by aligning our prayers, money, energy and bodies with that new project we have, by visualizing a home where we are happy and how great we will feel when we lose those ten pounds! 

Be patient, like the universe, there may be explosions and a lot of friction, you stay with your intention long enough to get to love the process and you will be surprised, even if you always knew what the outcome was going to be.