Out of the four years I've lived in the Rockaways, this past year has been of so much work, exploration and discovery.  

I have been able to spend more time outdoors and in the spaces of the people who have been working so hard to bring this town to the standards of a truly prosperous, welcoming and healthy place.  I have seen projects such as the local urban farm have a tremendous pull with neighbors from both ends of our peninsula, I have seen the Buddhist Insights Center gain in popularity with locals and with out-of-towners and of course the thousands of people that always come to visit our beaches.  This is the aliveness, the growth, the fruits of labor that is outside of myself.  

What has been even more fascinating is all the happenings inside of me; all the re-adjusting, the re-budgeting, the moving, the thinking, the effort, the inertia, the meetings I planned and the ones that happened by chance, all the new foods I tasted, all the new faces coming to Yoga... 

Yoga is an invitation to live in discovery, to live in mystery, to embrace the unknown; the stuff you don't know you don't know.  Every time I step out of my house is an adventure, It is up to me how we want to take that adventure, whether with reservations or embrace it full on.  The point is, that I am different today from the day I moved to Rockaway.  No, my essence has not changed, this is why my mom still sees me as her little girl, but my lifestyle has, my interests have, my living space has, my love interests have changed, my friends are better, really I do have better friends and better neighbors, my yoga practice and knowledge have changed too.

I have memories of being in my early 20s and stubborn as ever I would say "I am this way and if you don't like it, too bad!"  But in the practice of listening to my body, my emotions, my neighbors and my bosses I have found that changing isn't a bad thing.  That accepting change is makes lifer easier than blocking it. 

The first thing is to listen.  The next thing is to be brave.  The most important thing is to act.  

Cindy SolorzanoComment