Group Classes

60-70 MINUTES•By Donation

The purpose of a group class is to raise the energy. Sharing different vibrations and intentions brings a sense of unity and blessings of all kinds are received. And they’re usually a lot of fun!

In a world where all practices have to have the “bottom line” as their main objective, it may be difficult to find a yoga space that doesn’t feel commercial and shallow. I have always made it a point to offer group classes in spaces where the feeling of community is more prevalent.

That is also why all classes are Open Level meaning, for all shapes and sizes! Unless specified on the description. So check the Calendar page to find the class that is most convenient for you. The duration of a class is from 60 to 70 minutes, depending on the needs of the day and the intention of the practice which is usually specified as Gentle, Moderate or Vigorous. Most classes are offered by donation, unless price is specified by the organization running the space.


Private Sessions

60 MINUTES $50 • 90 MINUTES $70

With more attention to detail than in a group setting, you have the opportunity to ask questions, practice at your own pace, putting more emphasis on whichever poses you prefer. Overall a more in-depth in your own space or mine in the Rockaways. Prices start at $50 per person + $10 for each extra student for Rockaway Residents. Add an extra $20 if you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan.