About my practice.


Born and raised in El Salvador during its civil war, I grew up in a devout Cristian home, with parents who taught me the importance of spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. These are the values that inform my yoga practice to this day.

After 13 years of a home and group Yoga practice, I was displaced from the home I had made for myself on Long Island when Hurricane Sandy came to our shores. It was then that the opportunity came to live as a volunteer at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. For nine months I met, learned and studied the eastern practices imparted by some of the most popular (and not so popular) practitioners and healers in western culture.

Being a Kripalu Yoga teacher has been the biggest inspiration of my life. Allowing me to step into the inquiry of who I am and what can I offer to make the world around me a better, healthier place. When you come to one of my classes, you will be met with the sensations of YOU, by using the breath and the body, regardless of how “bendy” you are.

What is Kripalu Yoga?

The Yoga of Self Discovery. Informed by Kundalini, Tantric and Hatha traditions and the Western practice of Psychotherapy, the Kripalu approach gives us a map the encompasses all aspects of our life: from the physical body to the spiritual/mental body to find the space where we can live more fully engaged with our sensations, without judgment of ourselves and others. We use the breath to explore all the parts of this map, the breath is our guide, our light. Kripalu Yoga embraces various Yoga Practices, without a set of choreographed poses, it can be adapted to the needs of each individual and this approach, in time, becomes transformative, empowering and healing. More and more, people of all backgrounds, ages, religions are practicing Kripalu Yoga and realizing that there is a practice that can elevate our sense of self on the mat and off the mat.