Lifestyle Coach

Personal Sessions $50 / hour • Online Sessions $40 / hour

The questions about how to live a healthier, happier more honest lives are many, with distractions abound.

Having a partner to encourage you and asks you the hard questions that come with a genuine intention to make your life more meaningful can be of great help and encouraging.

Using the empirical expertise gained during 7 years working in the health-food, organic, fair trade industries, alongside the knowledge that comes from spending time in nature, I will show you the impact that your lifestyle and habits have, first in your body and therefore your in your community and the earth.

Together we can create new habits to make your life more whole, genuine, compassionate and uncluttered so you can have space to devout to your healing and to the things that really give your life MEANING.

In person Sessions start at $50 an hour for Rockaway Residents. And $40 for On-Line sessions.